Getting started guide for admission admins

Get started to design, document and manage your organization´s admission process.

This section of the guide was designed for people who want to start a new admission round or anyone who wants more information about setting one up.

The term admission round is used for any application opportunity: admission to an educational course/ programme, a job vacancy, a grant, an artist in residence opportunity etc.

Step 1 — Create an admission round

Create an admission round in to help your organization:

  • Receive and review applications
  • Send notifications throughout the admission process
  • Approve or reject applicants
  • Accept payments of registration fees

First, in the Admissions menu available to you when logged into, you will see a link that says New admission round. When you click on New admission round, you will be presented with a screen asking for the name of the new admission round and the admission officers name, phone, email, and so on. Once you’ve filled out the fields, click Save.

You are now the primary administrator of your admission round!

Step 2 — Configure Settings

Review the settings. The settings interface consists of four tabs. Each tab consists of options and settings for the admission round.

Step 3 — Application form setup

Tap your admission round name in the top menu, then choose Application form.

Next, fill out the application instructions. The instructions included will form the public-facing area within where applicants begin the application process. This is your chance to explain to potential applicants what a complete application consists of. Provide a concise description of the admission process, including any requirements or conditions that are relevant. Highlight important dates and enter information about any tuition or registration fees.

The public-facing application form is made up of five sections. You may or may not use all of them:

Personal data
Work samples
Submission info

Be sure to take a look at the corresponding settings in the sections to control every aspect of your application form design. Select which field types you would like to add to your form and fine-tune the field options. To reorder fields on your form, drag and drop them to arrange them in the desired order.

Tip: You can get support through the application form building process. Simply send us your existing admissions form and we will quickly configure the new application form for you.

Step 4 — Application dates and deadlines

Now that you’ve adjusted your application form settings, it’s time to set up your dates and deadlines. From the admission round screen click Settings in the top menu, then choose Application dates to configure the application dates and deadlines. All dates are optional.

Start date & time — when applicants can start the application.
Deadline date & time — After this, applicants will no longer be able to submit their applications. Leave empty if you have applications without a deadline.

Tip: Use Central European Time (CEST) when scheduling. This time zone is a summer daylight-saving time zone.

Step 5 — Manage notifications

The application form is live and you’re ready to receive submissions now that the setup basics are complete — let’s go over notifications.

You can create and send personalized automated or instant notifications throughout the admission process. The applicants will get an email telling them to log in to to read the notification and follow the admission process.

From the admission round screen click Notifications in the top menu. You should now see a horizontal list of all notifications that can be sent automatically on predefined actions. For example, when an applicant submits an application or has accepted an offer of a place.

Add a subject and content to each notification you wish to send. The content fields support merge tags to insert personalized content into the notifications you send.

Notifications can be sent instantly to selected applicants by admission administrators by segmenting the list of applicants. The instant notification option can be used to manually re-send any automatic notification or send notifications such as ”5 days to deadline!”.

For more information on Notifications, take a look at our article Guide to admission notifications.

Step 6 — Evaluation form setup

Click Evaluation in the top menu of your admission round screen to configure the evaluation form. Just like the application form you can control every aspect of the evaluation form. Select which field types you would like to add to your evaluation form, set their options, and place them in the order you want them.

What’s next?

You now know how to create an application form and an evaluation form, and how to set up notifications. Here’s some recommended reading:

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