Card Payments

The article describes what credit/debit card information is required to make a payment on No payment information will be stored on our systems to ensure security is not compromised.

How do I pay with a Credit/Debit card?

Follow the instructions on the card payment page in order to make a payment.
After you submit your payment, you will receive a notification regarding the success of your transaction. If you see an error message, please follow the instructions given. In most cases, any problems with your transaction will require you to contact your credit card company.

In order to pay by a credit/debit card, you need your card number and expiration date and security code associated with your credit card.

Below is an explanation on the information you need.

Billing address
The billing address is the place where your credit card company will send its monthly bill, if the cardholder is still using paper billing.

Credit card number
The credit card number is normally embossed on the card front and often consists of 16 digits.

Due date
The due date is usually located on the front of the card and has the format month / year.

CVC code
The CVC code is the last three digits of the serial number that is printed in the field for the signature on the back of all cards.

Are my Credit/Debit card details secure? uses Stripe as payment processor for online payments. No payment information is stored on servers to ensure security is not compromised. All sensitive information like credit card numbers and other account information is securely transmitted directly to Stripe’s servers. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

The payment pages on uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) industry standard, the highest level of security available today for web-secured applications. SSL relies on a pair of public an private key technologies provided by Let’s Encrypt (Internet Security Research Group) and based on a 40-bit encryption algorithm developed by RSA Data Security, Inc.

More information about security at Stripe.

What Credit/Debit cards can I pay with?

  • VISA
  • MasterCard

When will my debit card be charged?

The money is deducted from the card-holder bank account when the payment is sent.

Why was my payment not processed?

Your card company may have declined authorisation to debit your card due to one of the below mentioned reasons:

  • there may be a credit limit on your account
  • the incorrect card type, number or expiry date was accidentally selected when filling in the details
  • there were dashes or spaces in the account number that could not be recognised

If your order was not authorised online, please confirm you have correctly entered your credit card details and redo the payment again. If you still have difficulties please contact your credit card company to make them aware of your problem.


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