Application Management Platform student application management platform helps educational institutions within visual arts and culture to design, document and manage the admission process.

Customized application forms

Create questions to your applicants. Select from multiple field types, drag-and-drop to re-order questions.

Receive applications

Applicants fill in the secure and browser-compatible form from their computer or mobile device to submit their information.

Notifications & Emails

You can set up and send personalized automated or instant notifications throughout the admission process.

Waiting list handling

Keep your waiting list up to date and accurate. Optional: automatically enrol one waiting list applicant when another has declined an offer of place.

Payment integration supports all major credit card networks and tools like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and accepts 135+ currencies.


For long-term records of the admission process, you can download an Excel or CSV file with all the data from the admission round.

Data integration & migration

We help you integrate the platform into your existing infrastructure, whether it is based on an in-house system or delivered by another vendor.

Support service

Our long experience of working with educational institutions within arts and culture enables us advise on a variety of subjects regarding admissions, handling incidents and much more.

Audit log

Look back at changes that have been made during the review process. The audit log records chronological documentation of the review activities.

Getting started guide

Specifically developed for admissions to educational institutions and organizations within visual arts and culture.


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