Guide to admission notifications

You can create and send personalized automated or instant notifications throughout the admission process.

For example, when an applicant submits an application or when an applicant has accepted an offer of admission. The applicants will get an email telling them to log in to to read the notification and follow the admission process. All notifications are logged with a timestamp and the status of the sent notification (read/unread).

How automatic admission notifications work

You can optionally create automated emails that are sent during the admission process when triggered by predefined action:

  • New application: an applicant starts an application.
  • Has applied: an applicant submits an application.
  • Is admitted: an applicant is admitted.
  • Has accepted: an applicant has accepted their place.
  • Has declined: applicant has declined their place.

Note: Each predefined action represents an admission status.

Set up automatic notifications

    1. Navigate to your admission round screen then click Notifications from the top menu.
    2. Tap one of the tabs in the list of notifications.
    3. The options available are the following:
      • Subject: this is simply the notifications subject.
      • Content: the message body. You can add text, images and other media to the message body. Use merge tags to personalize the notification or dynamically add content to your notifications.

How instant notifications work

Notifications can be sent instantly to selected applicants by admission administrators by segmenting the list of applicants. The instant notification option can be used to manually re-send any automatic notification or send custom notifications such as ”5 days to deadline!”.

Send admission decisions notification

In this stage of the admission process, you probably have three groups of applicants with the admission status: Admitted, Reserve List and Rejected. When you send the decision of the admission you simply send one instant notification to each group of applicants.

  1. Click Notifications in the top menu off your admission round screen.
  2. Access one of the notification tabs.
  3. Enter your admission decision.
  4. (Optional) Place the merge tag in the text editor. It will get replaced with an admission response form.
  5. Scroll down to the section Send direct to multiple applicants
  6. Select one of the groups from the dropdown list.
  7. Click Send.


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