Accept payments of registration fees

You can charge a registration or entry fee as part of your application requirements.

Registration fee setup

1. Navigate to your admission round, click Settings, then select the Misc tab.
2. Check the box if applicants are required to pay an application fee before submitting the application.
3. Enter an amount.
4. Add the three-letter ISO currency code for the fee ( i.e. EUR, SEK, NOK).
5. Enter the name of your organization.
6. Enter a descriptive name for the charge.
7. Click save.

The amount, your organization name and the description are included in the email receipt.

Display a payment button

Enter the [payment_button] merge tag (a special tag) into the text editor of the:

– Application form
– Any notification

For more details on how to use merge tags, take a look at our Guide to merge tags article.

Payment process

Applicants click the payment button and enter their payment information. After submitting the payment, they will receive a notification regarding the success of the transaction and a link to the receipt.


Payouts are made at regular intervals. Your contract with us specifies how and when payouts are made and will detail the fees that are subtracted from the amounts we pay you. Deductions are always made at the same time as payments.


If your applicants changed their mind or made a mistake you must immediately get in contact and ask us for a refund.

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